Packing & Unpacking

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Whether this is your first move or even if you have moved before you will know that there are lots to organise.

One of the first jobs to be carried out is the packing of your fragile items and sundry effects.  You will find that the packing and decluttering of your goods can often take many hours or even days to complete making this the most consuming part of a move.

Our highly trained crews have the expertise and experience to pack all sorts of items which will be expertly wrapped, packed, and even unpacked with the minimum fuss and delay.

As we are based in your region, we are never too far away to pack your belongings. In most cases we will come along and pack up your goods a day or two before your move. Dependent on the volume of goods to be packed you may wish for us to make a start on loading some of your belongings the same day. Should this be the case then we would hold your goods on our vehicle, inside our secure warehouse overnight.  This method reduces the volume to be loaded on move day, which enables our team to clear your property in good time, stress free!

Fragile Pack / Part Pack

Packing your fragile items can be the most difficult and most time consuming. Great care is required to ensure that they are packed to the highest standard to eliminate any breakages. Our fully trained crews have the experience and training to pack these to the highest standard using the correct protective materials.

As part of our standard moving process, we will take care of packing some of your larger fragile items such as large pictures, mirrors, and TV’s. Our bespoke picture/mirror sleeves and TV covers will be provided where required.

If you plan on packing your own goods, there may be a small number of items that are more delicate or difficult to pack.  Quite often we will be able to pack a small number of items free of charge. Our surveyor will be on hand to advise you on how to pack or to note your requirements.

Full Packing Service

Why not sit back and watch the professionals at work?  Our dedicated team of packers will lead the way in packing your goods to the highest standard saving you time and effort.  Our trained surveyors will calculate the actual number of boxes and materials required in advance of your move. If you require any cartons for packing of personal effects in advance of your move then we will be happy to provide these, free of charge!

You may want a turnkey service where we pack, move, and unpack your goods. If so, please discuss this with our surveyor and we will be happy to tailor a package that fits your needs.

You can schedule in a convenient time for our experienced and professionally trained staff to deliver your packing materials and securely pack your belongings before returning for moving day
Be sure to let us know which items you will still need access to, and we will be sure to leave these out for you
To further reduce the burden on you and your family, Statham & Company also offer an unpacking service. Once we have moved all of your belongings to your new home, we can carefully unpack your items and dispose of all the left-over packing materials

Supply of Materials

You may want to pack your own goods which may allow you to declutter unwanted items…. why pay for moving items that may no longer be required.
When making a booking we will be happy to arrange a free delivery of packing materials. If you are not ready to make a booking however you wish to make an early start on packing, then we will be happy to provide packing materials. We will take a deposit for materials of which would be reimbursed when your booking is complete. On condition that reusable materials are returned then these are free of charge! Feel free to contact one of our customers services representatives who will be happy to advise you on packing methods and the supply of materials.
Where possible we only use recycled materials which have the best protection to your goods and to our planet. Sustainability is at forefront of our business strategy when procuring our materials.
Packing Materials

Export Wrapping / Packing

Export packing and wrapping is the best way to guarantee your belongings are safe and secure whilst in transit oversees – making sure they arrive in the same condition they left the UK.

Our export removals team can wrap and protect a wide range of delicate, fragile items. We also label and inventory your items, making it easier to unpack once your belongings arrive. Our team use the best packing materials for the job so you can be sure your items are in safe, caring hands.

Expert Wrapping
Export Wrapping Materials
Export Wrapping