Fine Art & Antique Movers

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Fine Art / Antiques Removals

As well as carrying out both Domestic and Commercial Relocations we also have a dedicated specialist art removals team.

From moving or transporting individual art works or whole collections, we have the capability and know how. Whether you have treasured artworks or fragile historic precious pieces we can accommodate your needs, from moving a few miles away or to a different country.

Our friendly dedicated Fine Art Movers have the skill and experience to move your goods safely from A to B, whilst ensuring the highest security and compliance regulations are met. Combined with the highest standards of care and commitment, we can adapt our service to meet your specific needs.

We have the facilities to store and transport goods by air freight or sea, nothing fazes us. Dependent on the items to be moved or stored we assess requirements to ensure that the appropriate materials are on hand to securely wrap, pack, move and transport.

Our skilled porters are trained to move all items such as chandeliers, clocks, ornaments, paintings, artwork, as well as small and large items of antique furniture.

Antique and fin treasure

Using only the latest and finest packing materials including paper, bubble wrap, tape, cardboard, bespoke wooden cases and crates all your goods will be packed and removed wearing gloves.

Our impressive reputation has made us one of the country’s foremost fine art and antique movers. With links to several local and national antique auction houses, we possess the knowledge and expertise to move everything from a single item to more significant sized collections.

As well as providing you with professional handling expertise, our members also offer friendly advice, often suggesting alternative solutions to your problems. We also have a range of crates for hire and can be relied upon to deliver your items as we found them.

Fragile Pack / Part Pack

Packing your fragile items can be the most difficult and most time consuming. Great care is required to ensure that they are packed to the highest standard to eliminate any breakages. Our fully trained crews have the experience and training to pack these to the highest standard using the correct protective materials.

As part of our standard moving process, we will take care of packing some of your larger fragile items such as large pictures, mirrors, and TV’s. Our bespoke picture/mirror sleeves and TV covers will be provided where required.

If you plan on packing your own goods, there may be a small number of items that are more delicate or difficult to pack.  Quite often we will be able to pack a small number of items free of charge. Our surveyor will be on hand to advise you on how to pack or to note your requirements.

Full Packing Service

Why not sit back and watch the professionals at work?  Our dedicated team of packers will lead the way in packing your goods to the highest standard saving you time and effort.  Our trained surveyors will calculate the actual number of boxes and materials required in advance of your move. If you require any cartons for packing of personal effects in advance of your move then we will be happy to provide these, free of charge!

You may want a turnkey service where we pack, move, and unpack your goods. If so, please discuss this with our surveyor and we will be happy to tailor a package that fits your needs.

You can schedule in a convenient time for our experienced and professionally trained staff to deliver your packing materials and securely pack your belongings before returning for moving day
Be sure to let us know which items you will still need access to, and we will be sure to leave these out for you
To further reduce the burden on you and your family, Statham & Company also offer an unpacking service. Once we have moved all of your belongings to your new home, we can carefully unpack your items and dispose of all the left-over packing materials