Dismantling & Reassembly of Furniture

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Dismantling / Reassembly of Furniture

Furniture dismantling and assembly can be a tedious task which is the last thing you want to deal with when moving home. We at Statham & Co can help. Our experienced surveyors will firstly identify what items need dismantling during a home visit. We can factor the dismantling/reassembly into our proposal which will enable our operations manager to ensure that enough time is allowed within the move plan and most importantly that the right staff are on hand to dismantle and reassemble the items swiftly and correctly.

Dismantling Furniture
We appreciate that you may not be aware of what items of furniture will fit into your new home, tight doorways, bends on stairs, etc. Our teams of porters have the experience to identify this before attempting to move them and are on hand with the skill and right tools to dismantle and reassemble them on move day.
Many items of furniture that won’t fit down the stairs are generally included within our quotation. Any unexpected dismantling can generally be accommodated; however, some items may be more time consuming which may rise in a charge to cover the overtime costs.