Packing Services

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Packing Services


Packing is usually the most time consuming of which needs careful planning to ensure that you meet deadlines in advance of your removal team turning up.  As moving offices involve a lot of planning, packing can be one of the most tedious tasks which often results in delays and disruption to daily operations.  By choosing a reputable company such as ‘Statham and Company’ we can take away unnecessary stress and speed up the process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move.


Should you opt for a professional packing service, once you have delegated a ‘move champion’, a member of staff to lead your move we will liaise with them to devise an orderly plan.  We will consider which files are most important and may need access to during the move along with confidential files which will need security packing and, in some cases, tracked.


Our project team will help you create  a detailed office relocation checklist that corresponds to the planned schedule to make sure everyone stays organised and every member of staff plays their part.


Packing IT Equipment & Peripherals

Once you’ve backed up important files, we will prepare and package all IT and other electronic devices for the move. We will provide bespoke packaging and specialist crates to safely stow your equipment during transit.


Packing Files & Stationary

These days paperwork is becoming less prominent however still exists.  Files are often archived and require retaining for several years meaning they must be securely packed and moved.


We can methodically pack files from shelves into specialist crates, ensuring that they are in correct order for when they are unpacked to shelves.  Using our 1 metre length security crates we can pack on a ‘shelf to shelf or like for like’ basis, clearly labelling crates so that they can be reinstated in their original order.  Our wealth of experience moving Offices, Libraries, Museums and Crown Court Offices we have the knowledge to expertise to ensure that you have a smooth transition.


We recommend that you make a start by sifting through your documents and shredding anything that’s no longer relevant as this will cut down on the overall volume of material we have to pack and move. Always back up important papers by creating digital scans or photocopies and keep them in a safe place.


One thing that we will always advise is creating a floor plan of your new office space, which clearly indicates the different areas/departments and ensure that the plan clearly shows a number or name of the person who will be occupying each desk area.  We will ensure that each member of staff crate(s) is labelled and corresponds with the plan which will allow us to relocate their belongings to their new working position, allowing them or us to unpack.