Commercial Moving Division

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Moving Your Business

Moving office can often feel like a daunting task where careful planning is the key to a successful transition. We appreciate that every move is different and can often face different challenges. Our experienced surveyors and project planners are not only trained to a high calibre but have a wealth of experience in commercial moving. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to devise a move plan which meets your company needs.

By listening to your move champions, we gain a knowledge of your day-to-day operations which enables us to create a suitable move plan which suits your company needs and budget. Our main aim and focus is to deliver on time without minimum disruption to the daily operations of your business this often involves a 24 hour around the clock service.

Commercial Moving Specialists

We offer a range of services to cover all aspects of your move which include:-

  • Project Planning
  • Move Management
  • IT Services
  • Packing Services
  • Furniture Fitters (Dismantling / Reassembly Service)
  • Safe Moves
  • Crate Hire
  • Warehouse Relocation
  • Factory Decommissioning and Moves
  • Furniture Recycling Service

Planning & Minimal Disruption

Once we have created a move plan we also assess any potential risks to the business. Occasionally sudden unforeseen changes occur which can potentially disrupt the move process. Our experienced planners will build a contingency plan to make the process as smooth as possible without any detrimental disruption to your business.

Their onsite presence will also provide reassurances to deal with any unforeseen changes that may arise. With their experience, knowledge and ability they will be able to adapt to changes and ensure that the move is back on track at the earliest opportunity.