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Crate Hire

With almost every commercial move there is a need to move IT equipment, files, stock and stationery. We have a variety of specialist crates to cover this and will be happy to supply these at short notice, whether you wish to use our moving services or just want to hire them. We have a vast number of crates in stock and can normally arrange a next day delivery anywhere in the UK mainland.

Computer Crates (Specialist IT1 & IT6 Crates)

These crates are available in 2 sizes, the IT1 crate can accommodate dual monitors, base units and any other added peripherals. The IT crate is strong and durable designed to allow us to safely transit you IT equipment. All crates come with anti-static screen protectors and plain or numbered security seals. When empty they can nest up to 20 crates to prevent taking up too much floor space.
External dimensions: (l) 675mm x (w) 575mm x 615mm

Volume: 165 litres / Weight: 7.8kg

Standard Lidded Crates (LC3 Crates)

Our industry standard packing crates are durable, designed to accommodate files and stationery. The interlocking lid system allows these crates to be stacked up to 3 high for easy movement on sack trucks. These crates are also commonly used within the retail distribution and automotive logistics sector. All lids are interlocking and crates come with security seals which can be plain or numbered.
External dimensions: 710mm x 460mm x 368mm

Volume: 80 litres / Weight: 4.3 kg

Personal Locker Crates (LC1 Crates)

Locker crates are the smallest crate widely used in office moves. These crates are generally used for moving staff’s personal belongings from their locker or desk pedestals. These are also commonly used in hot desking environments. This crate is also made of heavy duty plastic featuring integrated lifting handles and interlocking lid. These crates are designed to store small items in size such as paper, brochures, and magazines. For added security these also come along with either plain or numbered security seals.
External dimensions: (l) 400mm x (w) 300mm x (h) 306mm
Volume: 25 litres
LC1 Crate

1-Metre-Long Specialist Crates (LC6 Crates)

Our 1 metre long crates are extensively used for office and library moves. These crates can house 1 metre lateral filing systems and the contents of a standard 1 metre library shelf. All crates have interlocking lids and area to attach an adhesive label. Plain or numbered security tags can also be provided for added security.
External Dimensions: (l) 1160mm x (w) 480mm x (h) 365mm

Volume : 130 Litres / Weight: 130 kg

Security Roll Cages

Roll cages are ideal for moving IT equipment, stock and miscellaneous items, including more bulkier items. These are mainly used for office, factory and school decants and are also widely used in the retail sector. These are lockable with secure sides and base and are ideal for moving high value items. Shelves can be added/removed or adjusted to accommodate various sized items.