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Statham & Co operate a 0% landfill policy and are registered waste carriers in the UK, fully compliant with UK laws and regulations.





Before looking at Recycling your furniture we will always look at various options including:-

  • Office furniture auditing – Our audit services help our clients manage office resources more effectively and sustainably, preventing waste in the first place by supporting reuse internally.
  • Office furniture remanufacturing – We help clients make the most of their existing furniture assets, by having connections with several furniture refurbishment companies we will always look at providing costs for returning your furniture back to its existing condition or remanufacturing them to meet new working requirements.
  • Used office furniture sales – We aim to get the most out of unwanted assets whilst prolonging their life, benefiting others and protecting the environment. Through our furniture resale scheme, we connect with a number of office furniture companies which allow us to negotiate the sale of your furniture or even trade against some more modern furniture at a fraction of their normal cost.  Why buy new when you can purchase perfectly used furniture at a fraction of the cost?
  • Office furniture donation – We help our clients to ‘give back’ to their local community as part of our sustainability drive.  Furniture with little value need not be taken to recycling centres when local charities are desperately in need of furniture.  We will also look at seeking a new home for the furniture by contacting local schools and charities.
  • Recycling – Once we have looked at reselling or donating your furniture the last resort would be recycling.  All furniture will be dismantled, and materials separated prior to taking to a registered recycling centre.  Any such rebate on materials such as metal will be off set against the actual cost of recycling.  We will always ensure that no goods are taken to landfill under our 0% landfill policy.

All transfers are logged and tracked and reports are issued for your company compliance.  Our details reports include:-

  • Volumes of goods removed from site
  • Volumes of goods resold / reused
  • Weight and volumes of goods recycled